Mayan Kratom Capsules Review

This must be evidence of the enlightened new age the Mayans were talking about on their calendar. Mayan Kratom Capsules are everything that good kratom should be: potent, long-lasting, and without the grungy residual feelings imparted by some other brands out there (particularly – but not limited to – companies that deal in extracts).

Perhaps this review is a bit redundant, since I’ve already reviewed Mayan Kratom Powdered Leaf Dietary Supplement (and liked it a whole lot). After all, the powdered kratom in their capsules is surely the same stuff in their Powdered Leaf product—the only difference is slightly different packaging and the delivery method. However, since Super Fun Cave was so generous with the Mayan samples, and Mayan has earned my undying respect for their commitment to producing such high-quality kratom, I was more than happy to give the company more free press.

To extract, or not to extract? Many kratom manufacturers hype the potency of the extracts that they produce, and some make ridiculously outlandish claims about 60x potency (in other words, the extracts present in their kratom products are made by concentrating the alkaloids from sixty freakin’ pounds of the stuff). Assuming that these claims are true, is it even practical to do so? Will the desired alkaloids remain fresh and intact for long after they’re isolated from the leaves? And just how much of said alkaloids can the human body metabolize at once? I’m no biochemist, but numerous sources assert that potencies higher than 15x at most are an utter waste of good Mitragyna speciosa. Besides, this sort of potency one-upmanship seems to be a marketing ploy aimed squarely at high-seeking kiddies. I’m not going to deny that good kratom can make you feel good, but given what’s at stake for kratom’s continued legality, I have serious reservations about manufacturers positioning this life-enhancing herb as a recreational substance.

Mayan has taken the high road here, and eschewed peddling extracts in favor of selling kratom that’s kept as fresh as possible between Indochina and American markets, and enjoyed solely on their leaves’ own merits. To anyone who’s tried a range of different kratom brands, Mayan’s quality should be evident right off the bat in regard to its distinctive smell: from the moment you open the package, you’ll catch a strong, pleasant scent of kratom that smells more like something fresh out of a tropical garden than a musty warehouse. The smell doesn’t fail to translate to a superior kratom-taking experience: Mayan’s kratom is potent stuff, doesn’t taste bad, and doesn’t leave any gross lingering feelings or dull headache after the initial effects have worn off.

Anyways, on to the capsules themselves: as is the case with all Mayan products, they’re sold in flip-top plastic containers bearing Mayan’s distinctive statue-face logo. Even though the powdered kratom is contained in ten gel tab capsules, the container still exudes Mayan’s distinctively heady kratom smell. If I was a newcomer to kratom, I’d probably be put off by the fact that the container’s instructions don’t specify how many grams are in each capsule, or what the ideal dosage amount was. However, since I’ve taken my share of kratom, I figured four Mayan Kratom Capsules would probably do me just fine.

After about 15 minutes, I could feel the familiar mix of stimulation and ease pleasantly creeping in. Sitting in my desk chair with good posture is typically something that requires a constant, conscious effort; by the 30 minute mark my back, neck and shoulders were pretty much pain-free, and I wasn’t slouching any longer. In addition, focusing on my work wasn’t a problem at all. Some kratom strains and brands impart a speedy feeling that makes concentration difficult—this wasn’t the case with Mayan Kratom Capsules. Two hours later, I was still feeling pretty good, and felt both alert and relaxed. After four hours had elapsed, the effects had nicely subsided to a nice sort of relaxation without lethargy, and no residual gross and yucky feelings to speak of.

In conclusion, Mayan Kratom Capsules work as well as their powdered equivalent, though they take slightly longer to kick in (this can be easily solved by freeing the contents from the gel tabs, and ingesting the powder by itself, which I did with the remainder of the capsules). The only possible gripe I have about this product is the lack of dosage/amount information on the packaging (there is a number listed for nutrition info, though it’s not toll-free). However, this isn’t a huge issue since the effects aren’t too stimulating or overpowering for newbies, but still sufficiently pain-relieving and relaxing for regular kratom users.

Effectively analgesic
Smells and tastes fine (in powdered form)

Lack of product information on packaging