Kraton Drug Test

As kratom madness, or yellow journalism depicting this natural remedy as a dangerous drug, has spread around the United States, more and more school, parents, parole officers and even employers are interested in being able to give a kratom drug test. Although there has been speculation and the occasional online story reporting false positives in drug tests for opiates. thus far, kratom itself hasn’t been tested for on any large scale.

Where there is a demand, there is always someone ready to make a dollar. Enter Randox Toxicology, a drug testing company in Europe that has announced that it has developed a kratom drug test that will effectively screen for recent kratom use, according to their press releases and coverage in the media

In order to make kratom sound more malicious, the company makes kratom sound like something other than a natural state herbal product containing only plant leaves. Of course, to make testing for a drug seem reasonable, the drug itself must pose a real threat. According to the coverage on Laboratorytalk,

Kratom is a herbal drug which originates from Mitragyna speciosa; an uncontrolled plant found in south east Asia. The drug has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its widespread availability on the internet and in head shops. It is marketed as a way to combat fatigue, pain and depression…Several cases of psychosis resulting from the use of Kratom have been reported, with individuals addicted to the drug exhibiting psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusion, and confusion.

Once again, kratom is credited with causing hallucinations, as well psychosis. There is no mention of the fact that these strongest reactions are usually the result of combing kratom with another substance, or that kratom has caused any fatal reactions.

The new ELISA developed by Randox Toxicology is the world’s first immunoassay drug test for Kratom; providing a rapid solution for the detection of Mitragynine and its metabolites…The novel ELISA, developed by Randox Toxicology, can detect Mitragynine and its metabolites; 9-O-Desmethylmitragynine, 7-alpha-Hydroxymitragynine and 7-alpha-Acetoxymitragynin in urine and blood specimens, providing valuable information for further analysis.

If there is a positive to take away from this story, it is that the kratom drug test may deter abuse in those using kratom inappropriately to sidestep drug tests. Concerned parents can now just test their children instead of insisting on prohibition of kratom for adult purchase and consumption. The test could also help doctors treating those with a strong reaction to kratom because it was mixed with another substance.

Source: Laboratorytalk