Kratom Dosage

Kratom leaves differ greatly in potency, depending on the type, grade, and freshness. Leaves with green veins are often claimed to be more potent than those with red veins, but there is contradictory evidence. Low doses are around 2-4 g of plain dried leaf, moderate doses are 3-6 g, and strong doses are 5 g or more. When chewed fresh, half of a large leaf (8-10″) is often enough to produce noticeable effects.


Kratom leaves contain the indole alkaloids mitragynine, mitraphylline, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and numerous other alkaloids, including paynanthine, speciogynine, and speciofoline. Mitragynine has traditionally been cited as the primary active chemical in kratom leaves, but some recent evidence points to 7-hydroxymitragynine instead.

TIP: to get the best from kratom capsules it is advisable to do so on an empty stomach, try drinking hot water or a warm drink of your choice to help dissolve the capsules and increase the onset!

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